How to Get Over a Breakup

You get in to a relationship, you split up, you get hurt, you move on. Then you get into the next relationship, you split up, you get hurt, you move on. It’s a cycle; a vicious one at that. No one is spared from the pain brought about by break ups. And until you find the person you’re destined to be with, you won’t be able to break out that vicious cycle. But what can you do to make the pain more bearable?

Here are simple tips on how to get over a break up.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Cry if you must.

Break ups are naturally painful. There’s no need to act tough. The very first few days the break up will be the most painful. You’ll be lost in limbo trying to make sense of what has happened. It is during this moment that a good cry can help. Crying the pain out will give you a sense of relief.

Crying doesn’t make you less of a person. Nor does it make you look weak. It is a way of giving yourself an honest chance to express what you currently feel inside.

If you feel it’ll make you feel even better to cry in the comforting presence of the people who truly care for you, then do so. Call anyone you feel will understand you and cry your heart out.

Let go of the memories

Holding on to things that remind you of the relationship will only make your situation worse. If you have these things at easy reach, chances are, you’ll be obsessing over them. Checking them every now and then and associating them with fond memories would just make the pain linger.

Stash away photos and mementos to a place that would be inconvenient to reach, like the attic or basement.

Don’t communicate

A few weeks after the break up, one of you will surely attempt to contact the other. You should prevent this from happening at all cost.

Cut any possible means of communication you have with your partner; delete his number, his email and un-friend or block him on Facebook.

You’ll be having a hard time telling yourself not to text or call him if you have his contact details saved on your phone.

Say no to rebound relationships

Don’t be hasty into having a relationship again. Most often this will just give you more relationship problems and will probably lead to a break up again.

Give yourself time to heal completely. Try to rediscover yourself between the break-up and your next relationship. Have a lot of precious and quality self-time.

If you have the feeling that it’s no longer working, talk it out with your partner. You may be able to work things. If you feel that talking won’t work, try getting relationship help from professionals. But if all else fail no one is stopping you from walking away. Getting over a break up is hard, but staying in a bad relationship is even worse. Never be afraid to end a relationship if you feel it’s no longer making you happy.

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I am a professional relationship guidance counselor from LA, CAlifornia. I have been practicing my profession for almost 3 years now. I give relationship advice to people in need.

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