I’m Mindless For You -Mindless Behavior Love Story- Chapter 2

Ok in this series the characters would be acting much older than they really are! Have fun : Princeton: Cymphonique are you jealous or something? Zendaya: Yeah! Cymphonique: Hell naw -blushes- I just think ya'll should get a room! Zendaya: Or maybe you should stop worrying about us and worry about your own boyfriend! Khleo: Hold up don't talk to my gal like that! China: Uhm why is it taking so long to get to the top floor? Princeton: Don't talk to my girl like that shawty! Roc: Is it me or is this elevator extreeeeeeeeeemly slow? Cymphonique: Back off Zendaaaaaya with your white azz self, you don't deserve to be called BLACK. Zendaya: Oh come on in with the race jokes huh? Ray: Uhm its getting very tight in here… Cymphonique: Yeah I went there! Zendaya: Well maybe I should tell everyone your secret.. Khleo: What secret? Princeton: Yeah what secret? Zendaya: Well- Cymphonique: ZENDAYA YOU BETTER NOT Zendaya: She- -Elevator opens- China: Thank God ya'll brats didn't kill eachother yet! Prodigy: -Kisses floor- Cymphonique: -Pulls Khleo's arm- Come on Khle-Khle lets go get some H20! -Nervous- – Later on at the party – Roc: So uhm China… Do you want to go in the hot tub with me? China: Uhm yeah! -Takes off dress and shoes and bathing suit is now showing- Roc: -Takes off shirt- China: Oh my god! Roc look at your muscles Roc: Want to touch them? icon wink Im Mindless For You  Mindless Behavior Love Story  Chapter 2 China: Well why not? icon wink Im Mindless For You  Mindless Behavior Love Story  Chapter 2 -Touches arms- Roc's Muscles: 27.media.tumblr.com Roc: Ok lets get in the hot tub now -Roc jumps in the <b>…</b>

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