Mindless Behavior Love Story Roc Royal *Rated R EP:3

*Roc is still holding you close, everybody else is just listening closely* Roc- just please give me a little time to explain (Y)- *sigh* make it quick Roc- Me & rebecca hooked up a year ago at a concert alright …..i actually liked her..when we did eachother, that was when broke up with me, the day after everything went on. she only dated me & did me so she can go back to her ex that liked girls who "had it" before. (Y)- *you feel stunned, and sorry for Roc* Roc- i'm sorry, i just don't like bringing it up cause it hurts me. (Y)- its okay, i'm sorry for getting so pissed for something that happend a year ago *kisses roc gently* Roc- so we still together? (Y)- yes babe *everybody comes outside, to watch a movie…exept Ray & Tyra* Prod- ayy wheres ray ? Princeton- He fell asleep, he just had it on man Prod- right…… *you and roc decide to go to your room instead* Roc- so what do you wanna do? i kinda lost the passion for a moment (Y)- yeah, and im tired Roc- You wanna go to sleep? cause im tired aswell (Y)- yeah *you lay into bed with roc, he kisses your neck gently & cuddles up with you* ————————————————————————— *It's morning, and you wake up and roc's not beside you* (Y)- *walk to the kitched slowly* Princeton- Look whos up! (Y) your such a sleepy head, everybodys waiting for you so we can go to ihop then to the beach (Y)- *not paying attention to anything princeton just said, and go to find roc* Prince- Roc's in the <b>…</b>

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